Life, Actually – Take the money and run?

While hopping from job to job is par for the course these days, people generally stay within the same field. But what if you were given the opportunity to make a huge leap onto an entirely different career path? Annabelle Kumar faced this anxiety-inducing, existential-crisis-causing conundrum in her early 30s and today we hear her story. As a successful manager for a top airline, Annabelle frequently travelled, earned good money, and had a wardrobe full of silk shirts and high heels. But during a momentary stint as a high school teacher (for reasons you’ll hear all about), Annabelle realises the trajectory of her life may be in need of a big changeup. And, being in her thirties, she knew time was running out. It’s harder to make big life changes as we get older. The stakes are higher, and it can be scary. Host Wendy Love walks us through all the events, emotions, and internal struggles Annabelle confronts as she makes what became one of the hardest decisions of her life.

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