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Welcome to In Mum’s good books – a website, blog and podcast dedicated to recommending books for busy Mums to enjoy. As a Mum I find it difficult to make time to read, but I enjoy it and know how good it is for me! I rely on recommendations from other Mums because most of them want the same out of a book as I do: a book that’s easy to read (so if I get interrupted it won’t matter), a page turner, that takes me away to another place and takes my mind off life for just a little while.

So kick back with a cuppa of your choice and check out all the latest books and reviews for busy Mum’s like yourselves.

In Episode 3, I have a ‘civilised’ chat over wine with Louise Bromley about books at Mary Ryan’s bookstore in Milton, Brisbane.

Lou prattled on about Terry Pratchett…. a LOT. Oh and I was right, The Colour of Magic is the first book in the Terry Pratchett discworld series.

Here are the rest of the things she spoke about:

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